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Remarkable! 6

March 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Why nationalizing banks would be the real capitalist thing to do, and why it may not be necessary anymore. And then some very good investment advice and signs for a market bottom..

  1. Real Capitalists Nationalize
  2. Free Larry Summers
  3. Any Good News Now Will Kill the Dollar
  4. Live forever? Rejuvenation Therapies No Longer Distant Science Fiction
  5. Buy and hold dead? Faber: Buy Asian Stocks, Hold Long
  6. Banking crisis over? Bank of America CEO: Could Repay TARP in 2009
  7. Some very good investing advice
  8. Some other casualties from the crisis: Ratings Agency Reports Called Worthless
  9. Companies Hoarding $811 Billion in Cash
  10. And this is how they might spend it; U.S. Mergers May Recuperate on Signals ‘Market Bottom’ Is Near

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