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Accumulate Trina Solar (TSL) on dips

July 7th, 2012 · No Comments

Solar Grid parity is near, China embarking on massive expansion, shake-out in the industry is favouring the strongest players, with the lowest cost panels and healthiest balance sheets, like TSL..

Why You Should Accumulate Trina Solar On Dips – Seeking Alpha

Not many people seem to have noticed, but solar panels (or solar photovoltaic energy) are finally ready for prime time. This won’t be any immediate or dramatic takeoff; it is likely to be gradual. There are basically two reasons for that:

Due to drastic drops in panel prices, solar panels are able to compete with other forms of electricity generation in ever more places.
After having conquered more than half of the world production on the back of foreign subsidies, China is now ready to seriously embark on expanding the domestic market for solar energy.

We have noted that the concept of “grid parity,” the ability of solar panels to produce electricity at similar rates as electricity from the grid, is rather problematic. However, what is clear for all to see is that the drastic drops in panel prices have made solar competitive with the grid in some places already (those that combine high electricity tariffs and a lot of sunshine).

This area will only expand, meaning that the area in which solar energy doesn’t need subsidies will increase, greatly expanding its market. This might not immediately translate into a drastic increase in demand as unlike electricity from the grid, solar panels have almost all costs upfront, but there are imaginative financing schemes popping up to take care even of that hurdle.
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