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March 31st, 2013 · No Comments

Links for 3/31. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news. How to lose weight, a new bubble in housing, quake proof buildings, the euro end-game, the rise of the global financial stress index, the end of hooking up and lots more..

How to Lose Weight: Gut Microbes Could Be Key | MIT Technology Review

Is a new bubble forming in housing? – CBS News

Cheating Our Children –

Divers caught cutting Egyptian internet cable- The Inquirer

DailyTech – New Nanofoam Could Improve Body Armor for Soldiers, Quake-Proof Buildings

Liz Cheney Even More Bonkers Than We Suspected — Daily Intelligencer

Dijsselbloem Reveals The Euro End Game – Business Insider

BAML Global Financial Stress Index Surge – Business Insider

Uwe E. Reinhardt: U.S. Health Care Prices Are the Elephant in the Room –

Noahpinion: The swamps of DSGE despair

Obama Promotes Ambitious Plan to Overhaul Nation’s Infrastructure –

Infrastructure: The governance failures | vox

Time to stop hooking up. (You know you want to.) – The Washington Post

History of Good Friday execution method: When did we stop crucifying people? – Slate Magazine

Fallout from ‘Untouchables’ Documentary: Another Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone

PCWorld Superguides – Speed Up Everything

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