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Full Version: Does McCoach seem to be someone who
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would misrepresent and risk his reputation and livelihood considering his experience, this gent is a regulator of the rules.

Mr. McCoach served as the President of TSX Venture Exchange Inc. since August 2009 until December 31, 2016. He served as Senior Vice-President of TSX Venture Exchange Inc. and served as its Senior Executive since 2003. Over the years, Mr. McCoach played a central role in the development and positioning of the TSX Venture Exchange as the Canadian leader in the public venture capital marketplace. Prior to joining TMX Group, he served as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance for an independent Canadian investment dealer. He is a financial industry executive with experience in various strategic, management and operational roles. 

Dunno. The TSX Venture was formed from the Vancouver Stock Exchange (venture) which was pretty much all pennies and REALLY scammy, and a couple other Canadian Exchanges but I think it got cleaned up when they formed the TSX-V. NUS is on the TSX but McCoach comes from TSX-V. Maybe he was one of the ones that cleaned it up? I don't trade on it, I prefer American stocks and don't buy