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Full Version: Still think Nautilus doesn’t owe anyone an explantion?
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(12-13-2018, 08:58 PM)Truthseeker99 Wrote: [ -> ]‘game-over’-nautilus-81222

Yes, I personally sill think that.

This article is from PNG source, that probably read the Economist article. In it some environmentalist groups are talking about the rumor (not proved to be true yet, that the shady Indian guy succeeded in buying the vehicle).

Stellite images show that on Dec 1st (no clouds in the area) the vehicle was still at its old place.

Some group calling itself advocates is not necessary a group of lawyers.

An ex AG from PNG that lost election (or was not appointed again) is looking for publicity and bribes - sorry i know how these banana countries operate and also know that the government is trying to pull this country rich in natural resources off the stone age and into 21st century. so it is not in the best interest of the government to rock the boat and prove themselves unreliable to do business with.

They talk about mining the vents and how are NUS is going to destroy the eco system - i thought the vents are no more active and hardly any marine life present there, right?

If I am leading a normal company i would not give news releases unless there is solid data to back it up. I will not respond to some activists but rather bring them in court for defaming.

But  if it is Mickey (previous CEO) he would have done it, because during his presence so many things got messed up so why not once more - nobody would know the difference.

If I am Metalo or the other guys - am i about to lose everything now? Is the equipment so easy to sell so i can get a ROI?

The risk is still there and yes we cannot be sure if NUS will be successful. Less than a month left.

You are free to disagree with my opinion as I am.

It is quite questionable that a flight by night company can put something between $250 and $300 million on the table, while Nautilus (with MB and Metallo in the back) has been trying for xy months to fund it.

As the company Nautilus, I also would not make another statement now.

OK lets analyse this logically, the share price is now down to 3.8 cents. If you still believe that the CEO does not owe anyone an explanation, I think you are delusional. Fly by night or not, one side has been very clear, the other, not at all. Think about that.

Nautilus is currently negotiating the terms of an agreement with arm's length third parties that would involve the creation of a new joint venture company to be owned by the third parties and Nautilus’ subsidiary, Nautilus Minerals Niugini Limited.

Nautilus is also currently in discussions with Deep Sea Mining Finance Ltd. to extend the maturity date of the existing secured loan facility provided by the lender.

What else should the CEO say before one / both points have been resolved?
I would like to know the relationship of the indian guy to the Economist. This is so far the only article on this topic. ALL other reports / statements refer to exactly this single article (without an author).
Correct Seabedmining, that unprofessional hack-job of an article remains the only one. As a matter of fact, I think when McCoach was asked for a statement by the Economist, he was asked under false pretenses. His reply makes it sound like, "if you say so". I also think he did not take this serious and was careful at the same time. Let's remember one thing. If the media asks you to comment and you outright say "not true", they will automatically ask follow up questions like why and how, and these questions he would probably not want to answer. I think his answer was just diplomatic without giving anything away.

AND, I also find it dubious that the article has no name of the author. What's up with that?
All economist articles are without a byeline, thats their policy and its one of the most respected magazines in the world, none of the others have anywhere close to its credibility, thats the reason I am belabouring this point. Anyway, lets agree to disagree. Either way, we will see.

The shares could make nice stocking fillers this christmas.
"Nautilus doesn’t owe anyone an explantion?"

Actually, no they don't owe anything other than certain financial statements published quarterly.
(12-18-2018, 10:53 PM)Truthseeker99 Wrote: [ -> ]All economist articles are without a byeline, thats their policy and its one of the most respected magazines in the world, none of the others have anywhere close to its credibility, thats the reason I am belabouring this point.

I beg to differ. The Economist is biased in it's opinions and does not even pretend to be neutral. I have had dealings with magazines like "Der Spiegel" and have personally witnessed a totally biased and fabricated story. I also thought at that time that these publications are respectable and trustworthy. They are not. They use freelance writers and have printed things that were never properly checked. The Economist has been wrong plenty of times. So I honestly do not consider any publication to be without flaw. The horrible truth is that you can do nothing about it. Remember the old saying by Mark Twain, "never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel".

I rest my case.

Why should they strive for Christmas? There is still time after that 'til 8 of Jan 2019 and maybe after that...

Wait for it and pray for it in the mean time.

Only fake companies give constant updates ... and the silicon valley ...

All media is paid by someone to push some agenda. In which century do you live in? Verify the sources.

You are free to sell, dude.

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