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Does McCoach seem to be someone who - Classicact - 12-11-2018

would misrepresent and risk his reputation and livelihood considering his experience, this gent is a regulator of the rules.

Mr. McCoach served as the President of TSX Venture Exchange Inc. since August 2009 until December 31, 2016. He served as Senior Vice-President of TSX Venture Exchange Inc. and served as its Senior Executive since 2003. Over the years, Mr. McCoach played a central role in the development and positioning of the TSX Venture Exchange as the Canadian leader in the public venture capital marketplace. Prior to joining TMX Group, he served as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance for an independent Canadian investment dealer. He is a financial industry executive with experience in various strategic, management and operational roles. 

RE: Does McCoach seem to be someone who - Monk3 - 12-11-2018

Dunno. The TSX Venture was formed from the Vancouver Stock Exchange (venture) which was pretty much all pennies and REALLY scammy, and a couple other Canadian Exchanges but I think it got cleaned up when they formed the TSX-V. NUS is on the TSX but McCoach comes from TSX-V. Maybe he was one of the ones that cleaned it up? I don't trade on it, I prefer American stocks and don't buy