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SHU portfolio holdings

We're failing to report here, sorry.

So what did we buy the last couple of months:



Above you might have gathered that we bought:

  • 200TDD at $54.97 on Mar 1 2018

These things are now zooming up 28% after a stellar quarter..



How are we doing after the TDD bonanza today?

See here for the entire SHU portfolio performance through May 11 2018



Forgot to mention, we bought 100 shares ROKU at $37.77 on June 1 2018

We wrote the article here



We just bought 4000 shares in Nano Dimension (NNDM) at $2.70. Should have done that sooner, as it happened. For instance in the wake of our article on the company.



We bought another 2500 shares of Nano Dimension (NNMD) at $2.40. While volatile, we see this company as an exceptional longer-term opportunity.



Very good day for the portfolio with Inseego (INSG) and Roku (ROKU) up double digits on good figures.

  • We wrote an article about Inseego which you can find here.
  • We bought 5000 INSG at $1.52 on October 5 last year and that's almost a dollar higher now.
  • We bought 100 ROKU only on June 1 for $37.77, and that's already nearly $20 higher.


And another one explodes..

  • We bought 200 shares of The Trade Tesk (TTD) on March 1 of this year (2018) for $54.99
  • After another stellar earnings report this morning, these shares have now more than doubled already and are trading at $125+ at the moment of writing.


How are we doing? Up a solid 25% with two doubles and one nearly double. Not bad..

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