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52 week low

I am a little nervious with at .12 Cad.  last price.  This is 52 week low.  Tell me something good.


Although my order at .12 did not get filled.


Something good? Here's some good news: This is the cheapest we have been able to buy this stock in over a year! I'm feeling half-full today.

In all seriousness though, I feel like I'm blindly holding at this point, and more on the verge of pure gambling. I haven't been holding as long as many on this site but I've acquired a 500k share position over the last 5 years and really feel there is a good chance that I will never see a 10% annualized return on this investment and very well may take a complete bath on it as it goes to $0.00.

I'm still holding my shares and will likely continue to (probably emotionally at this point) hold until the very end or $4/share. I was involved with the project early on and had a lot of faith and interest in what they were doing. Ultimately I feel like there will be a company that specializes in deepwater mining that will sell to a major mining company for $10B+ but I am starting to think that company won't be called Nautilus (even if all the current Nautilus equipment is involved).

Good Luck To ALL!


Something good. There do not seem to be any other potentially large copper mines in the works. The PEA was speculative. The current lower price of copper might reflect one seller selling for reasons other than supply and demand.

I personally don't understand the tariff war leading to lower copper prices theory. I do see there are some demonstrations in China due to financial regulation of peer to peer lending and military benefits.

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