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Chinese article dated 2018-12-10

Chinese article dated 2018-12-10 (I am assuming year - month -day)

Talk about joint venture and extending the duration of debt, but the translation is very fuzzy and I was not able to figure out the source of the info.


Did you make any progress on the translation?


'JJameson' pid='82599' datel Wrote:Did you make any progress on the translation?

Nautilus Minerals will form a joint venture to acquire the $500 million deep-sea mining vessel “MAC Goliath”, which was previously cancelled by Mawei Shipbuilding. The world’s first deep-sea mining ship, once stranded, is expected to re-launch. Nautilus Mining announced on December 2 that the company is currently negotiating terms with a fair-selling third party to form a qy888 owned by a third party and Nautilus Minerals Niugini Limited (NMN), a subsidiary of Nautilus Mining. 100 billion international joint ventures. The purpose of the joint venture is to fund the acquisition of the “MAC Goliath” and the integration costs of onboard installations of mining equipment. The company will own and operate the fully integrated deep-sea mining vessel and lease it to the existing Solwara 1 joint venture between NMN and Papua New Guinea's independent country celebrity Eda Kopa (Solwara) Limited. It is understood that in 2014, Mawei Shipbuilding and Dubai Marine Assets Corporation (MAC) signed a construction contract to cooperate with Singapore design companies to build the world's first deep-sea mining ship for MAC, which was scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2017. The ship has a total cost of about US$500 million and has signed a chartering contract with Nautilus Mining Company for a five-year lease with a daily rent of $199901. The five-year rent is as high as $360 million. After the 5-year lease expires, Nautilus Mining can choose to renew or purchase. However, due to MAC's failure to pay the third $18 million instalment payment, Mawei Shipbuilding has "actively" canceled the upcoming "MAC Goliath" construction contract in July this year. Although the contract was cancelled, Mawei Shipbuilding continued to install the Nautilus Mining Company's subsea production equipment on board, and an operational console on board was installed in mid-November.



Is there a glimmer of hope!!!!


Thanks, Classicact!

Yes, I am remaining hopeful that Nautilus will make it to production. The article is very encouraging news!

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