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Why I'm Holding Cash And Gold: Worsening Bond/Debt Outlook

When you see articles like this, it really makes you wonder why no one has yet to jump at the opportunity to get in this company on the ground floor.

The geopolitics of this are crazy when you think about it. We should be seeing a bidding war rather than this slow burn...



Here is a very good YouTube video about investing in "Black Swans."  I thought of Nautilus Minerals when I saw this video because of the huge upside potential now available for just pennies a share.  Remember when this stock was trading for almost $4 per share on not much more than future hopes?  I have a fair number of shares,  I'm not selling any of them, and I think the stock could possibly go to zero.  Huge upside potential, small loss if not.  It would be wonderful if Nautilus could hang in there long enough to survive when many of the world economies crash because of massive record debt, when gold will likely go to the moon.  Patience is a virtue when investing that we all might want to consider practicing here.


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