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Trading Halt
Here we go. Where do we go?


Does this mean 'real news' is finally here? Why do I feel like this is not a good thing? Uneasy feeling. If trading is halted, do they still have to wait until end of trading day to release news? Why not just release right now?

'pnb' pid='82744' datel Wrote:Here we go. Where do we go?


Here the link

It will be significant news in any case though.
Suffered long enough, let's see what they have for us.


May the odds be ever in your favor!



still no  news  since the pull just a joke


What dose this exactly mean ?

any idea what's going on here?

My 2 cents and I repeat 2 cents!

I'm not sure why you would release the "end of the road" news when you have until March 8th to hope for a hail Mary pass
at the last minute by a late arriving interested party, a last minute silent bystander who has been following the progress of this show or
or even a last minute takeover bid by our shareholders to buy outright or take private.

My point being I would bet on real developing news at this early date, still could be bad and or good though.

Roll the dice amigos, being the eternal optimist I am I will throw out whatever happens it will be at .17 cents(CAD).

It would be interesting to hear every members best guess on this.

Come on, lets have it, we may not be chatting much in the future,lol.

Back to 1 USD here we come!!!

My news says trading halt reason is "Pending News". Therefore it seems we have some news coming.

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