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NUSMF Trading again
(04-12-2019, 09:17 PM)seabedmining Wrote: What's this with the OTC? Are they trading? Or not? Or what? Yesterday closing with 0.00 USD

Is anybody trading with Ameritrade and when yes... can I trade OTC/NUS there? I own still an account from the early internet years... :-):-)

I use TD Ameritrade, NUSMF does not seem to be trading there. It shows current price .0001. The bid/ask has remained at .0333 / .0487 since it "resumed" trading on Monday.

I tried buying at 2cents 10,000 shares. Order wasn’t filled

Vanguard is accepting my orders but they are not filling. Other platforms did not accept the orders. I am going to keep placing orders at higher prices until I get a trade.

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