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Was May 21 supposed to be the day
or did I miss a News Release?

just a few hours ago - be patient ;-)

will/must be shown here =>

(05-22-2019, 11:48 PM)seabedmining Wrote: just a few hours ago - be patient ;-)

will/must be shown here =>

"just a few hours ago - be patient ;-)"

LOL, That was awesome, after 12 years of waiting for NUS I never thought I could be advised to be patient, but ok, I'll work harder.  Rolleyes

Down to a penny.  Time to back up the truck and load up.

If you follow this advice you truly are an idiot. But it did move down on volume of 12k

well 21st come and gone

(05-27-2019, 10:18 PM)didgi69 Wrote: well 21st come and gone

****I'm hoping this is a good sign to some degree, if NUS was completely done why not just announce it, why delay?

maybe well get no news seen that before with penny stocks just got what they could and ran and we the share holders left with an empty shell if thats what you want to call it

...will be prepared to move forward with negotiating and finalizing a transaction or transactions by the previously anticipated Restructuring Deadline of 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, June 21, 2019

So we'll hear something after this... or after the "meeting" on 28. of June... or hear never again???  Dodgy

fyi - absolute no news about the ship - also on their (mdl energy) website the news about the purchase of the ship (27th Novemder 2018) is the only entry since August 2015

NUSMF has gone down to 0.0001 on volume of 200 shares

Wow.  Back up to .03 on 181,000 volume

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