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We Better Start Fighting Now!
As a shareholder, I have been following the board discussion with much interest.  I'm not an attorney or an accountant, so I'm not in my "wheelhouse" with an analysis of the formal proceedings for the Nautilus Minerals restructuring.  But it seems to me that we had better express our shareholder concerns to the Court prior to a final decision, or the Judge will "rubber-stamp" an approval.  Once the decision is issued and titles for the assets transferred to the new company, we won't have much recourse.  The new company can organize outside of Canada, (probably Russian or Oman) and the assets will be beyond our reach.
Among our shareholder ranks, is there not a barrister/lawyer who can file some type of lawsuit to delay restructuring until the shareholders can organize and be heard.  Once this technology is established as successful, even small shareholdings could become very valuable.  It been the shareholders that have taken the company within 75% of completion to first ore. 

Opinions, please...... 

No clue... I know someone said in another forum that we can’t really do anything until after we get screwed if we do get screwed.

I would not know how to contact anyone about getting represented in the courts. If someone knows how, they would have my support. But I know others have said it may be too soon. Not sure how much power we wield at this point.

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