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The Resolution was approved today by 100% of the voting Affected Creditors.

We kind of expected that, right? Did you receive a response from any party acknowledging receipt of our letter? Has anyone contacted an attorney yet regarding a class action suit? it is clear that their intentions from the very beginning were to defraud shareholders by getting them to pay the bill for the investment and then come in and scoop up the rewards and leave the "company" an empty shell. There is no other way to see it. That is what they did. We may not be able to actually prove intent but their actions still hold them accountable. We aren't all just going to let this go, right? If the judge approves this then we need to move forward with legal action.

(08-10-2019, 10:34 AM)KingKongFong Wrote: They added me to the service email list. Yes, our letter was entered into record and will be visible in the Monitors 4th report (Appendix E). Here is what they said in regards to our letter under the "Bankruptcy of Nautilus Minerals Inc" section;

Shareholder Correspondence
7.4 The Monitor was recently delivered a copy of a letter to the Court dated August 4, 2019
from Ashton Flinders on behalf of a number of shareholders of NMI. A copy of this letter
is attached as Appendix E.

7.5 The Monitor is sympathetic to the shareholders’ disappointment in the restructuring not
leading to value being created for the shareholders. While sympathetic, the concerns
raised by the shareholders in their letter do not seem to account for all aspects of the
financial challenges of the Nautilus Group, including the lack of ongoing financial
assistance from shareholders generally and the reality that the Nautilus Group requires in
excess of $200 million in further funding to achieve a revenue generating state, never
mind achieving profitability.

7.6 In addition, the SISP carried out by the Nautilus Group and the Monitor resulted in no
successful investment or sale transaction and, therefore, the Nautilus Group has pursued
a restructuring as contemplated herein.

7.7 The restructuring of the Nautilus Group as contemplated by the Acquisition Agreement
and the Plan provides recovery to unsecured creditors of the Nautilus Restructuring
Entities and Nautilus PNG of the greater of $10,000, or 10¢ on the dollar of their claim.

7.8 This results in the compromise and release of approximately $20 million in unsecured
claims. Under the CCAA, those claims would have to be paid in full before shareholders
would be entitled to any recovery. There is no realistic possibility of that occurring.

(basically they said screw off)

I’m confused... who is “The Monitor” and why are they so pro-major shareholder? Is it PwC?

Yes, The Monitor is PWC, and I think they're a disreputable pile of scum;

Hi King
your letter was very politically correct, but now that there true entent is know maybe we should sent a point blank letter to all the same contacts that you sent the first one to. Basically pointing out the following:

1. that DSMF was setup up as a non arms length entity and that the major shareholder controlled both companies.
2. that decisions where made to suck money from creditors and minority shareholders until no more was available.
3. At that point there plan was to bankrupt  NMI and take all the assets for pennies on the dollar, leaving the creditors and minority sharehholders with nothing or very little.
4. The majority shareholders of both companies where one and the same - a real CONFLICT OF INTEREST (unethical and maybe even illegal)
5. Because of DSMF and NMI where being controlled by the same con artest, NMI was setup to fail and give all the assets to DSMF with no debts
6. Because of the conflict of interest the court should disallow DSMF's assest claim unless the minority shareholders are given equal shares in the reorganized company.
7. If this doesnt happen then the court should not allow DSMF to get any assets either under bankruptcy or restructuring because of this conflict. They should loose as the well as the creditors and minority shareholders. Scammers should not profit!!! 
8. I am very surprised that PWC doesnt see the scam that has been going on for the last few years.

Hopefully you have the time to maybe reword and send to the same contacts as your first letter.

Maybe if we are very lucky we can sway the court. A long shot - but time to be very direct I think.

we need to contact the media asap

Very sad day for me. I emailed Peter Marshall of Kumul Mineral Holdings, Johnston Tuke Minister of Mining, The PNG Currier, The Independent and The National all on Monday morning. They don't give f*ck.

The only avenue left is a class action lawsuit which I think we'll get something back because it's pretty clear they stole the company.

The thing for me is giving out loans knowing the company is not going to mine till October but knowing NUS has no income till they mine hold on its still not October still no income so why all this shit?SCAM SCAM SCAM

Is anyone from this forum contacting any lawyers about a class action lawsuit. Just google lawyers specialized in stock fraud.
It is no sense for multiple people to contact various lawyers. Just let us all know so we can register in the class action if one is going to be initiated.

Looks like they are going for court approval tomorrow to take the assets and bankrupt NMI.

Nautilus obtains creditor approval of plan of compromise and arrangement

Press Release
Number 2019 – 10
Vancouver, British Columbia, August 12, 2019 - Nautilus Minerals Inc. (OTC:NUSMF Nasdaq Intl Designation) (the "Company" or "Nautilus") advises that today a plan of compromise and arrangement (the “Plan”) among certain of the Company’s subsidiaries (collectively, the “Nautilus Restructuring Entities”) and their unsecured creditors (collectively, the “Affected Creditors”) was approved by the requisite majority of the Affected Creditors at a meeting of such creditors (the “Meeting”) held for the purposes of voting on the Plan at the Vancouver, British Columbia offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. (the “Monitor”).
The Plan was unanimously approved by the voting Affected Creditors at the Meeting.
In light of the foregoing, on August 13, 2019, the Company and substantially all of its direct and indirect subsidiaries will bring an application to the Supreme Court of British Columbia (the “Court”) in proceedings under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (Canada) for an order (the “Sanction Order”) approving and sanctioning the Plan and various transactions related to the Plan and the acquisition agreement with Deep Sea Mining Finance Ltd. (“DSMF”) pursuant to which DSMF will acquire certain subsidiaries of the Company and certain intercompany indebtedness (the “Acquisition Agreement”).
If the Sanction Order is granted as sought and the conditions precedent to the Acquisition Agreement and the Plan are met, upon completion and implementation of the Acquisition Agreement and the Plan, the Company will have effectively no assets, and, as contemplated by the Plan, will be iquidated.
Further details of the Meeting can be found in the Monitor’s Fourth Report to Court dated August 9, 2019, which, along with copies of the Plan and all materials relevant thereto, are published on the Monitor’s website at:
For more information please contact:
Investor Relations
Tel: +61 7 3318 5555

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