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How can I join the class action lawsuit?
Is it possible to still join the class action lawsuit? Or is it too late?

Let's be clear, since I'm recieving way too many emails about this - there is no class action lawsuit right now. Several people from this board have contacted law firms, but as of now no law firm has agreed to represent anyone.

If an attorney is found rest assured it will be announced here and people will have ample opportunity to join in any potential lawsuit.

I hope everyone here had a relaxing & enjoyable Labor day weekend. And the same for those in other countries, even if it wasn't your Labor" day. I see the stock is up again and very volatile today, which is still always surprising to me and makes me wonder what is going on behind the scenes. Has anyone heard back from or had any further conversations with the law firms/attorney's they've contacted. I know were all on pins & needles with this whole thing.

I followed up with the attorneys this week and have not heard back yet unfortunately. I will email everybody once I know more.

*Per the Post Courier the Monitor disavowed PNG's claim on 8/28. PNG is still considering a lawsuit that would end the entire restructuring. We should have word on or before 9/10.

Also: why is volume for NUSMF so high again this week?? Today is 820,000 +. I just don't get it.

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