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Inseego (INSG)
One of our earliest purchases, two years ago for $1.52 so it's also a big winner. The shares are running on very high volume, up nearly 6% today, 5G has arrived and the company is likely to benefit big time:
  • Mobile 5G hotspots and routers
  • Demand for these a multiple of the 4G situation due to 5G competing head-on with cable, bringing internet to the home.
  • Profiting from the trade war that has disabled Chinese competition.
We flagged it again as a buy opportunity at $4.19 mid-August this year:

Quote:5G is arriving even faster than expected and presents a unique opportunity for the company, and even 4G is booming. Inseego's SaaS telematics business is turning around, although the revenue ramp from its DMS and airline business is ramping slowly. Investors seem to be scared by the higher cost necessary for developing new 5G products and an international sales presence.
Inseego's Sell-Off Opens An Opportunity - Inseego Corp. (NASDAQ:INSG) | Seeking Alpha

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