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Coffin nail.....
I'm not sure what is going on with the volume today, but honestly don't have any hope at all at this point...

Attached are the 
  1. Monitor’s Certificate; and
  2. Monitor’s Implementation Certificate.

Attached Files
.pdf   Monitor_s Implementation Certificate filed Nov. 19, 2019(1).PDF (Size: 80.82 KB / Downloads: 9)
.pdf   Monitor_s Certificate filed Nov. 19, 2019.PDF (Size: 53.52 KB / Downloads: 7)

Then why 2.2 million shares with a high of .03?

Man. What a wild ride! So confused about all of this.

I can only imagine that the increased volume is related to these documents/news. From my perspective, based on NUS's press release(below), I assumed the company would be bankrupt and closed as part of this process, trading symbol abandoned. And would already be dead in the water by now.

If the conditions precedent to the Plan are met or waived, then, upon completion and implementation of
the acquisition agreement between the Company and Deep Sea Mining Finance Ltd. (“DSMF”) (the
“Acquisition Agreement”) and the Plan: (i) the Company will have effectively no assets, and, as
contemplated by the Plan, will be liquidated; and (ii) the Nautilus Restructuring Entities will be discharged
and released from their proceedings under the CCAA.

The fact that we now have the docs stating this process has been completed as of Nov. 13th and the company is still alive and trading on Nov. 20th, likely gives folks some hope that the company will pull through.

Were these folks just trying to drive the price down as they transferred assets to avoid some sort of taxation or royalties based on current share price?
Did they see the plight of us poor shareholders and find a way to keep the company intact?
Or are they just taking their time before they shut everything down?

Who knows. I know I don't. Couldn't get myself to further down average over the past few days. Figure i'm happy with my position if this pulls through and if its about to go belly-up would like to avoid one last slap in the face.

God bless you brave trading souls still alive and kicking! Fun to see the price spike, even if it is a last gasp, for folks to get their money out before its done for good.

Just a wild guess
with all the volumn in shares trading - maybe the NUS company is the only company in the chain that had the NGG rights for mining the solara field and PNG will not transfer the rights to another sub company since they lost the court battle.
If that is the case then maybe DMSF is trying to buy up the shares on the cheap before it becomes known.
Maybe we still have a chance !! long shot

My guess is that it's a few lost hopeful people loading up on shares at cheap. This is not significant volume given the pps. I'm holding to the bitter end only for tax purposes at this point.

MB and Metallo were savvy enough to steal all the assets I doubt they were foolish enough to leave anything of value behind.

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