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The new product: Intrusion Shield
So far what the company did was largely forensic, labor intensive work:
  • Looking for network breaches at customers and identifying perpetrators with the help of their huge databases that make up TraceCop. 
  • Savant allows them real-time packet flow analysis, which can be used for stuff like identifying suspect data flows, for instance flows from inside to either an unknown outside destination or one that is known to be suspect. In that way the company can establish where the security breach is located. 
This forensic work at customers is labor intensive, which is a main reason Intrusion has difficulty growing, but what Shield does is automate the execution with the help of algorithms. This has immediate advantages:
  • Instead of labor intensive, almost no labor is required, it's plug and play and runs automatically.
  • Instead of tools used in forensic work, it's automated execution enables real-time protection. 
  • The forensic work is still important though, as it improves the understanding of, and identification of new breaches, and this can be fed into new rules in Shield.
Here is Blount on the May 27 CC:
Quote:Without our database, you couldn't have this product without our technology for a real-time appliance that can look real-time at every packet of information moving, you couldn't do thisSo it utilizes the assets this company has developed, has expertise in, adds a little bit of AI to us and makes it so that it is easy to install and configure and does not require a significant overhead or headcount... 

Again, this is a value-add add-on to everything you already have for cybersecurity, but it does something that you're not getting today. It blocks billions of bad attempts to connect to you that nobody else can block. Almost all other cybersecurity tools are tools that you analyze where you got breached, when you got breached and how you got breached to try and figure out how to stop it next time. This product stops it before you get breached...

And once you get into an enclave or into an internal of a corporation, you can spread laterally like crazy with no limitations. And that's the place we're spinning the lead talking about because that's where all our patents are getting written up... It's the only product I'm aware of that actually tells you every day what it just protected you from.

And perhaps most crucially:
Quote:So I will continue to grow our federal business, our large corporation business and consulting because when we're asked to come in and consult with these people, we'll come -- they bring us in on the hardest problems they can't find or deal with. And they really want our help to be able to focus on that problem. So by doing that, that's where we get the expertise that we build into the AI that makes this product work. So we will continue to grow, focus and make our consulting business critically important for this company, just as been in the past. 

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