The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

GULF is set to have a University of Papua New Guinea Open College established in the provincial capital of Kerema next year.
Last Friday, Gulf Governor Haivila Kavo presented a cheque for K100,000 to university vice-chancellor Prof Ross Hynes as an initial payment to support the university meet the cost of establishing the centre.
The cheque presentation coincided with the signing of an agreement between the university and the provincial government.
Kavo said he was concerned Gulf was not producing enough educated elites to lead the province in the future.
He said the establishment of the university would enable students to acquire university degrees through open mode as well provide an avenue for the public servants to build their capacity by studying and working in Gulf.
“There are too many Gulf people in Port Moresby doing nothing,” he said.
“One reason why this has come about is that almost all the education institutions are in Port Moresby so the students come into Port Moresby in search of jobs and education to lead better   lives. But through the open college, students can get educated in Gulf.
“Over the years, I provided school fee subsidies to students in universities. I have come to realise that these students are not coming from schools in Gulf.
“Through the open college we will be able to educate students who come from Gulf and live in Gulf to be better educated citizens.
“The second LNG will make Gulf an economic hub; I want my people to be educated so they can manage businesses that would come about from the LNG project.