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Mendani follows the Kina; moving to Kerema to oversee development

Amazing what O'Neill did by "making it rain" Kina last week. Kerema MP Mendani is following instructions and moving to Kerema to be sure development takes place as desired by O'Neill. "The days of political in-fighting are over". Whaaaat?

MP: K4 million for Gulf projects
KEREMA MP Richard Mendani has announced a K4 million counterpart funding to assist the National Government’s major infrastructure development program for the Gulf Province.
Mr Mendani, who accompanied Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his delegation to Kerema and Kikori last week, also announced that he would move into Kerema to be a permanent resident there among his people to ensure service delivery.
He said there were a lot of reforms undertaken by the O’Neil-Dion government that would make a lot of changes in the country, especially at the local level government, district and provincial government level.
As the Member for Kerema, I will be working with my two colleague Members in Governor Havila Kavo and Kikori MP and Industrial Relations Minister to change the way politics is done in the province,” Mr Mendani said.
“I will support the district and provincial administration to ensure services reach to villages.”
He said the districts and provinces were now getting a lot more resources and funding with K10 million for the districts, K500 000 for the local level councils and K20 million to the provinces every year starting in 2013.
Mr Mendani congratulated Mr O’Neill for his commitment to seal the Kerema town raods, sealing of the airport, sealing of the Kerema to Malalaua road and committing K10 million for the “missing link” road that will connect Kerema to Kaintiba and eventually linking Morobe province.
I am here to change the course of the Kerema district, rather than being a MP living in NCD. I will be moving here and residing here in Kerema for you people to have direct access to their Member instead of going to Port Moresby looking for me everywhere,” he said.
He will partner the national government through counterpart funding from his DSIP funds on major infrastructure projects contributing K250,000 for the Kerema town road sealing, another K250,000 for the sealing of the Malalaua to Kerema road, K1 million for public servants’ housing in Kerema and K2.5 million for the Kerema to Kaintiba road.
“As the local MP I will be working with all Gulf MPs and Ministers.
The days of political in-fighting are over. I am committed to delivering services to the people of Gulf and Kerema district,” Mr Mendani said.

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