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Nautilus Minerals Announces Release of Annual Results
Thank you for the post monk
It looks like we are committed for a while or getting out with a huge loss
Very interesting to see how a few shares can change to pps
You better invest only money in this stock you do NOT need tomorrow to pay some bills


Monk, it's like role-reversal. I remember when I used to cringe when I saw a new 'monk' post: what negative slant is he going to dredge up? And, I was confident that a Marko post would show some new positive source that reflected the pent up buying opportunity that we all call NUSMF. Now-a-days, like the market itself, up is down and down is up.

It looks like you have just about double the number of shares as I do. But, I bet I have a lot more 'skin in the game' -- LOL. (Actually, it should be 'COL' for CRYING out loud). IF Nautilus drops more in a wide market sell off then I might be tempted to buy more.

For now, I am going to sit tight until First Ore and, like Wulli, either ride the rocket or fall to my savings death... either way, I am in and committed. For the last few months, all the news coming out is very promising. It's plain old boring business stuff: this widget is on order, that one is being tested, this one is being delivered. No drama -- just work. Good stuff IMO.


LOL. I guess... I didn't think I was that 'negative', just realistic. Although, I hate it when my wife uses that as an argument. I did grab my free set of pom-poms Marko was offering as a sign up bonus to the new board though, I hope everyone got a pair. Yes, Scampoco you see through to the truth... I may have had a liquid companion fueling my late night post. I was worried for the $2.50 investor back in the day, too much could happen and unfortunately it did. Today NUS is a totally different company. We will need more, that has been pointed out, but for now we are not a company whose sole existence relies on raising capital. That plain boring stuff is awesome to me. Keep it coming.
Thanks Wuli, here in Canada they won't give margin until a stock is over $2. I'm safe for over spending until then. Once we start flying past $2, yikes I'll be dangerous. Cheers gents. I'll sign off before my hangover starts typing!

Monk - sorry about the hangover. I have a couple small but promising stocks that are bringing them on for me.

I was one of those $2.50 investors back in the day but have (thankfully) averaged down to about $.50. I understand that there can yet be hiccups before reaching ore but seeing all of the boring details of the build (which really aren't boring to me at all since it is somewhat groundbreaking - deep sea oil which does not deal with the challenges Nautilus will aside) are quite interesting to me. The integration will be a challenge as will the initial sea trials. Nothing ever goes 100% smoothly in those. So I agree the road (especially in 2017) can still be pretty bumpy. But I do like that the small purchases yesterday that drew us down seem to be a one off and we recovered most of it today (yippee). I am strong and long until first ore :-)


'maui4marko' pid='56612' datel Wrote:And another thing - they still haven't announced the AGM!

last year they announced it in may and it was held in june - should be the same this year...

and in june we know if png take another 5% - any suggestions? - i would bet on YES Big Grin



If the burn rate stays the same the 118 Million will be exhausted in roughly one year

around 200 Million need to be raised until ship is ready to work the sea floor

in a smoth scenario

will PNG kick in with another 5,10or 15%

what are the other options ?


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