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Why so little volume? Thoughts?

Considering the consistent progress and good news (minus the hack). Why do you think there is so little movement? I mean I guess I am grateful to be able to buy more shares at a lower cost, but I would have thought the price would go back to at least the 52 week high. Just wondering if I ma missing ssomething like a huge risk or what?

BTW grateful for an awesome place to see new research etc..




Chrispy IMO the lack of volume & significant movement is mainly a function of 1) Show me, and 2) 32+ months to first ore.

The 52 week high was a spike on high volume last April when the PNG issue was resolved. After that it settled into the 50c range (USD) until October where it then drifted between the low 30's and low 40's to where we sit today.}

The biggest risks on the table that I see right now are funding and potential black swan events (global economy, etc).

The market knows they will have to raise capital to get to first ore, and even though everyone knows it, we'll probably get another smackdown when the news comes out. I'm more concerned with a black swan event, something like the 2007/8/9 market crashes that prohibited many juniors from raising cash.

Still fresh in the old timers' memories are the previous vessel deal going belly up and the subsequent halting of almost all the construction and exploration. I continue to accumulate, and will look for market events to present a larger buying opportunity... assuming NUS would survive any global macroeconomic meltdown.


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