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Re-Evaluating My Position
Thanks to everyone participating here with intelligent input! I myself hold quite a big amount of shares and will continue to buy when ever I have extra cash available. I strongly believe in Nautilus and I think this company represents the future of mining. I have never invested in a mining company before, but I am convinced that we will all be royally awarded in the future. Glad to be part of this forum now. Greetings to all from the Philippines!


Having invested a sizeable sum by my own modest standards just after Nautilus and PNG resolved their dispute, I was taken aback by both the long build time for the ship, the lack of upward movement from the stock and the absence of a series of milestones. While the latter has been provided in the meantime, I feel that PNG's decision in respect of the 5 % option in June will be critical, for should they refuse to buy, this would liklely detor other investors who are currently trying to make up their mind.

The recent announcement about the upcoming exploration in the Solomon Islands looks like a shrewd move. It  seems aimed at further increasing the potential reward for and the appetite of those willing to take the risk and commit themselves a few years before Nautilus has acctually proven that it can succesfully mine copper and gold in the deep sea.

Be that as it may, none of the fundamental risks has vanished or significantly abated since Nautilus and PNG came to an agreement IMHO. These include:

  • funding issues & share dilution
  • further delays
  • political risks
  • a revival of the global financial crisis & supplier bankruptcy
  • technical issues

Before I consider increasing my own investment, I would like to see PNG increase its stake in this venture or another large investor step in.


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