A bright, electronic future? A teaser.

Sometimes good things happen when you really wanted them to wait for just a little while more. A stock we have been watching for a couple of months, and one we really like is giving signs of life after having been stagnant for months. We are hoping it will remain quiet until after the IOC saga (which is of more immediate explosivity, and takes much of our time), so we would have time for a proper write-up. Alas..

The stock in question has a couple of remarkable things about it to be said. It’s as cheap as it’s market opportunity is large. It has an unbelievable list of partners and customers, it seems to be in very good health, financially and, at first sight, there doesn’t seem to be a lot wrong in therms of funny finance deals.

We have to warn you though, although we have been watching this company for months out of the corner of our eyes, we haven’t fully researched it’s financing (hence we’re not ready to publish it’s name), and since it’s a little foreign (non US, although it’s listed there) company, it’s not unthinkable that there are funny things going on in this department. It certainly doesn’t look so, but usually one has to dig a little deeper to get to the truth.

We can, for instance, not imagine who the people are that keep selling it, capping it’s progress to $15 or so for the last months, despite fantastic fundamentals and news. It could all just be part of the correction going on in the relevant markets (which seems much more likely), but this thing really seems good.

We think, if there turns out nothing wrong in terms of funny finance deals, that this one could triple or more in a year. We would say, probably more. It’s likely to be quiet for long times, only to suddenly shoot up if a couple of big buyers discover it. It has happened before, and it’s a little frustrating, but to be expected.

However, as with American smallcaps (there are really many, many scams on the OTCBB and pinksheets), one has to look very carefully at how they are financed, whether there is not some intricate scheme for insiders to unload, death spiral convertibles, things like that.

We will have much more to say on this one in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. If people guess which company we’re talking about, we’ll publish it’s name.

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