Performance check and update

Friday 25th of April 2008
After just a couple of weeks, we cannot really complain with the stock advise we have provided.  

1) We advised to buy TSL when it was in the low to mid thirties, advised to take some money off above 44. So far, so good. The idea really is for the long-run, but it’s also a pretty good stock for swing (or even day) trading, hence our advise to lighten up above 44.

2) Advised to buy calls and puts in IOC, the jury is still out, but we’re pretty confident it’s the right strategy.

3) We (albeit somewhat feebly) suggested to take a position in DRYS when it was in the mid 70s. That looks pretty good so far, a 10%+ gain in a week or so after running to 87 Wednesday. After acquiring a majority stake in Norwegian deep ocean drilling equipment producer Ocean Rig, we feel a little more comfortable (it has bought more of Ocean Rig today) as it takes some of the dependence on the extremely volatile dry-buld day shipping rates away.

4) We advised to buy EFUT wholeheartedly when it was in the low to mid 14. It’s very early days, but so far, it also looks good. It has a spike to 15.75 on Thursday and now sits in the low 15. This really is a buy and hold.

If we can continue like this, we’ll be very pleased. Send your feedback and tips to: