Instant gratification on eFuture?

This is quite funny. We wrote about 20 minutes ago that we think EFUT will break it’s 200 day average, “it may be tomorrow, it may be in a couple of months, but the fundamentals are just too good.” The only thing we didn’t take into consideration is that it might be happening today, but this is just what seems to be going on right now!

In the short time we’re writing here, we’ve accumulated a solid amount of readership (thank you!), but we’re not quite sure whether we can instantly move stocks. It’s not our ambition anyway, this one is a long-term buy. We’re not even 100% behind it (95% would be more like it, and when can you ever be 100% sure about a stock anyway?).

Some lingering reservations remain as we’re currently searching through the SEC files  to look if we can find anything we don’t like. There are no indications that we will find anything, but that won’t stop us from looking. Decades of following the markets have made us a little skeptic.

Digging through SEC files is a labour intensive job, and we have little time, unfortunately.

Another good indication is that volume is pretty good, we’re above what EFUT normally does in a day, and this is another good sign. Perhaps Santa comes early this year, did we call him too loudly?

On the other hand, there are still a couple of trading hours in the day.. We keep following this intriguing story.