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Sigma Breakout?

May 7th, 2008 · No Comments

We got a bit excited with one of our puppies this morning as it looked like a break-out was imminent. Luckily, we advised to buy Trina only in case that would have happened. A couple of hours later, it has fallen back a bit, so no cigar yet.

But there is another one that, although also lower today, might still do the trick (we’re not giving up so easily!). Here is the chart:

You will notice it sits right at the 50 day moving average and although we had already quite a ride lately, the company is still very cheap, and it’s not overbought either. On the other hand, for now, it seems like this has been a resistance too far. A little breather was due.

But we think, if markets permit, it will break out pretty soon though. We’ll keep a keen eye on things and let you know. It might be sooner than you think..

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