eFuture bounced back from it’s 200 day moving average around 15.5, but not in a spectacular manner. It’s good to see nevertheless that support levels hold. This is a long-term buy and hold and we can see few clouds on the horizon. 

It will likely move in a big way when you least expect it, and can be quite boring for the rest of the time. But we think, as we argued before, that it will be significantly higher in a year.

Sigma Design is also steadying and had some good news out, they are now ready to take on the cable market, their previous expertise was concentrated on the telco’s networks.

We continue to be optimistic on Sigma and think that the scary stuff about coming competition is overdone, both as a scenario, and in the large fall in the stock price. We advised you to get in when it was at 20, we have no reason to change our minds yet.