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Update TSL, IOC

May 15th, 2008 · No Comments

We can be brief, things look pretty good, and that’s quite an understatement. TSL, as we thought it would, broke out it’s 200 day moving average yesterday, and today it seems like it’s not going to look back. 

Interoil, as we reported yesterday, produced significant gas flows while only having drilled 60 meters into the limestone, there is more to come in a couple of weeks, and a second test is almost certainly going to produce much higher pressures.

Financially, things have improved a lot on the debt front, and operation wise there is the steady improvement we foresaw. This was not that hard, as they revised the pricing structure which should have helped margins.

If you’ve not bought back into Trina, we suggest you wait a little until after the first half hour after the opening bell (there is a reason why this is called ‘amateur hour’).

One caution though, somewhere next week they’re going to announce earnings. For those with nervous dispositions, they could wait for these, but one has to realize that this might come at a significant cost. We could be in the 50s by then.

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