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Update on our stocks

May 16th, 2008 · No Comments

Just before opening, it seems that all our puppies are doing just fine. EFUT has bounced off it’s support around 15.5, just as we thought it would. SIGM is moving up as well, it’s now 18% above where we advised to buy.

TSL has broken it’s 200 day moving average and we suggested to wait a little yesterday to buy, that strategy has worked out fine and you would have been able to buy it under 46. DRYS is marching on, but we now suggest again to take some off.

InterOil, well, do we need to say more. And we have a new one. You will have to register (with your email address on the left) to get the full, rather lengthy report, but we think this company has good possibilities, although it’s riskier than the others.

It’s at that stage were companies, having a pretty good defensible competitive advantage, moving from the R&D stage towards mass production, and not every company manages such a transition. However, this one has a market cap of only a little above 20M, and when successful, that will multiply in a couple of years.