Daily Distortions on InterOil no.8

We really couldn’t stop laughing at the following ones, a motley collection.. 

We argued that demand for LNG is booming because it’s cleaner and cheaper (on an energy unit basis) than oil, and Indonesia, the region’s biggest exporter is cutting back exports. We posted an article on the booming demand from China, this is a reaction from one of our clowns:

  • For instance, its defintely true that there is demand for natural gas in Asia. But to extrapolate that to demand for Interoil is just crazy. [Bostonkenmore]

And, we don’t need testing and third party verification, this guy already knows the outcome:

  • “BTW, what would you call Elk and Antelope?” I’d call them uncommercial wells, just like every well that has been drilled in the eastern basin since 1956. [Bostonkenmore]

On the possibility of liquids providing early cash-flow:

  • Actually its irrelevant. Only two things matter. #1 Does Interoil have a commercial energy find. #2 If so how much is it worth? Since I believe that the answer to the first is absolutely not, the wetness of the natural gas isn’t relevant. [Bostonkenmore]

A bold prediction:

  • IOC will go to zero and you will loose all of your retirement savings. You will then feel really really dumb. But you deserve it. [Bostonkenmore]

And here is where that prediction comes from, IOC is drilling where there isn’t any gas, and they actually know that!

  • Of COURSE there is incentive to keep drilling in an area where they know there isn’t any gas. [Bostonkenmore]

An interesting question would be, why spending hundreds of millions of dollars to drill where you know there isn’t any gas, but anyway. The root of the problem is the following:

  • The problem is that all of the obvious NG finds have already been discovered. [Bostonkenmore]

This sits awkwardly with numerous DST test at numeous wells, does our clown believe that those are a show? No:

  • for the record I do not believe that the fudged the DST test [Bostonkenmore]

He beliefs that the wells collapse if InterOil would do an ‘extended’ test. It’s back to the collapsed well theory, but we’ve already dealt with that in Daily Distortions no.6. And for the extended testing, see Daily Distortions no.1

Like we said before, some people go to great, we would say almost any lengths to distort the truth…

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  1. I love these series of articles about these losers. However, I wonder what does it take to finish them once and for all. These are obviously paid bashers and we need the third party stepping in to kill these slimy bastards.

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