Sigma on challenges of IPTV

It’s not the most informative interview ever, but there will be a bigger presentation at the ITEXPO next month in Los Angeles.

From tmcnet:

  • As IPTV (News – Alert) deployments continue to proliferate across the U.S., telcos are leading a TV revolution that poses a real threat to cable and satellite companies who enjoy a monopoly in the digital home services market.
  • As a fabless semiconductor provider of highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, Sigma Designs (News – Alert) will discuss the difficulties and opportunities faced by IPTV at this September’s ITEXPO in Los Angeles. Representing Sigma Designs at the ITEXPO will be Ken Lowe, vice president of strategic marketing.
  • During his presentation, Lowe will identify the challenges of widespread IPTV deployment in North America, where cable and satellite infrastructures dominate, how telcos can ensure video quality-of-service and quality-of-experience for the consumer and the many opportunities presented by IPTV for application developers and other third parties.
  • I had the opportunity to ask Lowe several questions in advance of his appearance at the ITEXPO
  • RT: What has been your company’s biggest achievement in 2008 so far?
  • KL: Introduction of the leading chipset for the next generation of IPTV systems.
  • RT: What can we expect to see from your company in the next 12 months?
  • KL: Increased integration of technologies, higher performance, lower cost.
  • RT: How do you see the communications market evolving?
  • KL: Short term – wider array of choices and confusion …Long term – more convenient and reliable connections
  • RT: How has Google changed our markets?
  • KL: Created a business model that made it evident that there is real Internet based demand and how to go after it.
  • RT: How about Apple (News – Alert)?
  • KL: Same for mobile entertainment devices.
  • RT: What mobile phone(s) do you use?
  • KL: Blackberry – Verizon (News – Alert).
  • RT: Who will win in an Apple/RIM war?
  • KL: Apple.
  • RT: What do you think the communications market might look like in five years?
  • KL: Simple accessibility to all forms of data.
  • RT: What will attendees learn about in your session at ITEXPO this September?
  • KL: What major developments are occuring in IPTV and what needs to be done to get there.
  • RT: What type of attendees do you think should come to your session?
  • KL: Operators, set-top box providers, ecosystem suppliers, middleware companies.
  • RT: Why should customers choose your company’s solutions?
  • KL: Best price/performance offerings, most complete solutions, most experience.