InterOil. Daily Distortions no.22

There is a new distortionist artist on the boards posting an unprecedented amount of nonsense in the most aggressive way. The fact that the shorts have to resort to these kind of tactics (even personal threats) shows just how few real arguments they have, even in the midst of market mayhem.

First he tried to fool people by posting as a long in August

  • I am betting we see a big spike up soon not sure how they are keeping this down alot of buying interest let it gooooo [Tonka]

But it became obvious to us he wasn’t a long and we posted that in a very mild manner, which got him very angry:

  • hey azzhole quit trying to pick me apart seriously you are starting to pizz me off IM LONG JERKOFF [Tonka]

Since that, he has come with a barrage of unsubstantiated nonsense about InterOil, amongst which (and this really is only the top of the Iceberg, we just cannot keep up with all his post and we have better things to do)

There were even some personal threats:

  • you have been aweful quite lately are you a little worried that I may post your lifes history on the board 1000 times a day ? Im really not like that , I have it by the way, you guys forced me to spend some money. I will save it for now but please take this to the bank I KNOW ALL and I have ALL Info and be careful Kenny is losing his touch [Tonka]
  • I would get far away from IOC is I were you. shareholdersunite may be in something it shouldnt be just a word of advice but what do I know 🙂 [Tonka]
  • LISTEN, I dont lie I sent anesti an email about the NSA report and he sent a VERY BAD RESPONSE which I posted here Anesti is pizzed and should of never worded the email the way he did once I said (and did) I would send his email response all over since it was INFO many would love to know he got mad and threatened me my email address he leaked to Kenny and STP and wnted them to post it here to try to bully me or scare me they dont know who they are playing with so I am biding my time I am not affiliated with NAY HEDGE FUND PERIOD AND STP I will release all your info soon home address name family name phone number and your whole working career [Tonka]
  • you really think I dont know who you are where you live? please, I know all Robby [Tonka]

And stalk us on other boards (while completely getting the story wrong we posted there, which was hardly a buy recommendation on that stock):

  • STAY AWAY FROM SHAREHOLDERS UNITE 27-Oct-08 07:33 am this guys website is SHADY ALL HIS STOCK PICKS ARE DOWN 80-90% FROM THE HIGHS SBS IS DONE buyers beware sellers be quick ONE MORE TIME STAY AWAY FROM SHAREHOLDERS UNITE hes a good talker but his record is suspect he will tell all you here I am a liar and will post many links to things I have said THAT HAVE ALL COME TRUE but hes to stupid to know this [Tonka]

As said, this really is only a fraction of it, but you’ll get the picture. It does point out that:

  1. If hey have to resort to these kind of tactics, the sheer lack of the short-side arguments is blatantly obvious
  2. The unscrupulous nature of many of them, it is sheer misinformation, distortion, outright lies, completely unfounded innuendo, nothing more, nothing less.