InterOil from the boards 3 March 6

A pretty interesting harvest today..

  1. Discussing the testing
  2. Discussing the testing 2
  3. Discussing the testing 3
  4. Discussing the testing 4
  5. Commodities comeback by China and hedgefunds
  6. The IPIC deal explained
  7. IOC Interest in Elk/Antelope
  8. Year-end report
  9. Stockprice behaviour (Denitex again)
  10. InterOil has no proven oil or gas reserves
  11. Government agreement is close

Some remarks from us:

  • The first four post is provide interesting material by some with professional background on what went on at Antelope1. Post nr 4.  by Aussieoilie is especially worth reading
  • no.5 is by Ken, the guy with the best sources, although he’s not drawing on them with this post
  • no.6 is something we’ve already explained yesterday, it’s about the PNG selling it’s stake in OilSearch to an Abu Dabi outfit
  • no.9 is excellent, explaining some of the stock price volatility
  • no.11 is by long-term poster getitrt2 and deserved more appreciation as it sums up the extent of the PNG government involvement and support for the LNG project and exploration program. Much of it has been in the newspaper story we published earlier today

No.10 really is a good answer to some people making too much of the case that InterOil doesn’t have reserves on it’s books (a favourite of the shorts on the board). Unlike some posters want to make us believe, last week was the first time that the company publicly said that independent reports on this will be finished in a matter of weeks.

As no.10 (aussieoilie again) already argues, it’s quite hard to argue InterOil will have no reserves with the amount of drilling success they’ve had..

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  1. Nice summary, thx for the time it took to put it together. Might just as well save time and let you be the screener of the good stuff..Who needs hours on Yahoo when we have STP…..

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