Remarkable! 2

A whole lot of remarkable stuff, some of it downright unbelievable..

Believe it or not, you can live in sin, smoke, drink, go out a lot (we’ll leave the rest to your imagination), and start living healthily and start exercising at 50, and within 10 years, your life expectancy is the same as someone who has lived like that for all his life (1 below)..

Lawrence Summers is getting worried, which is good (2), Abolishing mark-to-market could lift stocks further (3), although Tice argues (what a fine day he picked) that stocks could fall another 25% (4). Unemployment measures have changed so much during the years that it’s really a lot higher (5).

China is having a split economy (6 and 7), Microsoft will be ahead of schedule with Windows 7!! (8), The Economist was onto something when they called the war on drugs an abject failure (9), those nerds on wallstreet (10), and dreaming means what you want it to mean, apparently (11). Enjoy!

  1. Sin until you’re 50, then start exercising
  2. Summers: Spend Much More, Right Now
  3. Rule Change Could Dramatically Lift Stocks
  4. Tice: Stocks Can Fall 25 Percent From Here
  5. Report: Unemployment, is really at 19%, Near Depression Highs
  6. China’s exports and imports in February both dropped by more than 20 percent
  7. China’s Factory, Real Estate Spending Surges 26.5%
  8. Microsoft ahead of schedule!
  9. The Economist was onto something, war on drugs an abject failure
  10. They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street
  11. Why we love the machines we shouldn’t
  12. What Do Dreams Mean? Whatever Your Bias Says