InterOil from the boards 6, March 11

Again, some very useful stuff..

  1. Tokyo Expanding LNG BIG time, despite the downturn, nice find by Ken
  2. Tokyo Expanding LNG BIG time part II
  3. A short game: what’s happening next, and the nonsensical short position
  4. Yesterday’s Raymond James Conf. presentation another writeup
  5. Location, location, location Denintex again, about the significant cost advantages of Elk/Antelope

Some quotes from 1. and 2.:

  • Japan’s biggest gas utility is embarking on a huge investment program to build more facilities at home and develop new gas assets abroad to prepare for future demand growth, despite the country’s economic crisis.
  • Tokyo Gas forecasts that Japan’s gas use will grow an annualized 3% a year over the next five years, and says persuading business clients to switch from oil to gas presents good growth opportunities.
    “A major target is industrial customers who currently use oil,” Sugesawa said.
  • Tokyo Gas is Japan’s second largest LNG importer, after Tokyo Electric Power, taking about 10.5 million tons of LNG a year from 10 projects in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia and Brunei.
  • Around April 2010, it will open a new 1.2-gigawatt combined cycle power station near its Ogishima terminal, which will further boost its gas needs.
  • There still is a significant demand potential for clean-burning natural gas among manufacturers north of Tokyo, Sugesawa said.

2 thoughts on “InterOil from the boards 6, March 11”

  1. Reserve numbers appr 5-6 T, Company thinks 15T. Antelope 2 initial projections are 2-3 times Antelope 1.

  2. Hmm, we at first thought it wouldn’t be possible for Antelope2 to be bigger than Antelope1, but we only thought in resource thickness, not in average porosity.. (which is 8.4% for Antelope1 but reefs can be up to 25%)..

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