IOC from the boards 7, March 14

It wasn’t a great couple of days, but there was a remarkable exchange..

  1. Mulacek interview says Output Starts Next Year
  2. An engineer (petrengr) pondering over the upcoming DSTs
  3. An engineer on the upcoming well Antelope2
  4. And a knowledgeable response

It’s hard not to include the following most curious exchange:

That professor, of coarse, is old stalwart Eric Sussman, we featured some of his older arguments in our series Daily Distortions. He seems to think it’s a crime that InterOil postponed the reserve reports to include data from Antelope1.. Indeed, terrible, Eric. They should be locked up!

And he just has nothing but ranting as a reply to analysis on why Elk/Antelope is so competitive to develop compared to it’s main rivals in Asia. Not a single argument.. But then again, if you can supply an LNG facility from just three wells, that’s quite hard to argue with..

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