InterOil from the boards 11, March 25

Bit of a dry spell lately, but still a few worthwhile comments..

  1. Comparing InterOil to OilSearch, after all, that’s what RJ did
  2. Why InterOil’s resource is better in many ways..
  3. Tens of billions still go into unconventional (expensive) gas development
  4. The shorts are starting to cover.. Short low, cover high!
  5. Speaking about those shorts, Den doesn’t mince his words, as usual..
  6. Their long-term pain point has been exceeded as well
  7. Apart from being cheap, another reason why InterOil will have customers for it’s gas
  8. Gas glut? Hardly..

Some notes:

  • Ramond James recently used two valuation methods, one by NAV and the other one from a deal involving comparable assets in the rival project on PNG, hence comparing assets in post 1
  • Post 3 is significant because billions of dollars go into projects where gas will be much more expensive to develop
  • Den has a few chosen words for the shorts logic, or lack thereof in post 5

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