InterOil from the boards 14, April 4

Some more interesting stuff

  1. Why IOC could have reserves pretty soon anyway
  2. Five LNG projects down under
  3. The Changing World LNG Market
  4. Exxon signs tax deal with PNG gov’t
  5. Easier to Short than to Long

(1) It’s merely a semantic question really, but the gas find is classified as a resource. However, these could turn into reserves sooner than one might think.

(2) A huge amount of investment dollars is still going into Australian coal seam gas projects, which are much more expensive than developing Elk/Antelope (we covered these issues here), which is a good sign.

(3) Is a rather old article but still provides some useful insights

(4) Pretty likely InterOil will have a similar treatement

(5) Small market cap stocks are rather easy to manipulate, but some form of uptick rule will throw some sand in the wheels.

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