InterOil from the boards, April 8

Still not had enough InterOil? Here are ten very interesting posts…

  1. Monday’s National: second LNG project bigger than the first + the manpower involved
  2. NY Times article about using barges for oil transport
  3. The beauty of isolation — part 2
  4. CSIRO (renowned Australian Lab) predicted oil
  5. Difference between oil and gas condensates
  6. Difference between oil and gas condensates II
  7. Difference between oil and gas condensates III
  8. Short sellers squeezed all around – WSJ
  9. China to build 10 LNG import regassification plants
  10. About the oil PR

Some comments:

  • Post nr.2 might just become relevant.., as well as 5, 6, and 7..
  • Post nr.3 is another installment of DDC (Den’s Daily Classics, if you must know)
  • Post nr.8 indicates that there might still be some poetic justice in this universe, good to know..
  • Post nr.9 you can throw against a certain poster who argues several times a day that there is a gas glut
  • Post nr.10 tells you a little bit about why the latest PR wasn’t too clear on details. But rest assured, these are coming…

One thought on “InterOil from the boards, April 8”

  1. A significant oil find changes the party.Priorities change,plans change. I hope its a commercial quantity of oil found.Electra and Tusker from Yahoo indicate theres oil. We need a company P/R with details.

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