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InterOil from the boards, April 15

April 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Really an awful amount of good stuff this time, collective intelligence is a wonderful thing. Some of it might be proven quite on the mark, we feel. Ignore these at your peril..

  1. A long-term, well connected investor paints a broad picture
  2. A petroleum engineer on the reef (answer to 1)
  3. If there is an oil leg in AntelopeI, Antelope II should be..
  4. And another broad picture by a long-time specialist
  5. Hole condition (possible explanations for the testing delays)
  6. Den about the relevancy of the China-Japan rivalry
  7. Finding The Top of the Oil Column
  8. Thickness of the oil column
  9. The refinery, oil, condensates..

Read them at your leisure and enjoy, especially when realizing that some of it has a high probability of becoming reality sooner than you might think..

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