Manas trading update

If you bought into this when we came out with the articles a couple of days ago, and you want to play it conservatively, you might want to take some money off the table here..

The rally looks distinctly long in the teeth (notice the RSI..)

We had a remarkable 50% profit in just a couple of days. We don’t exclude that more is to come, even before drilling results are out, but taking some money off after these kinds of winnings has never hurt anyone..

5 thoughts on “Manas trading update”

  1. STP: Manas Pet, starting 4/15/9 bot 5,000 shares and doubled up on 4/20/9Thank you very much for the $1600. gain in a very short time.
    IOC since March 2005.

  2. Congrats, Mike. Do realize that if they don’t find anything, it could go down pretty fast as well.

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