InterOil from the boards, April 18

Again, a wealth of information, it’s quite hard to keep up, but then again, so much is happening…

  1. From PETROMIN site, about the deal with CNOOC
  2. The National: a strategic partner is near
  3. China deal?
  4. CNOOC it sure fits
  5. Why IOC could sell some gas at a discounted rate
  6. And more reasons for the discounted gas
  7. Korean Company KOGAS looking in PNG
  8. cnooc not the only chinese interested, others were interested in PNG in 2006 already
  9. The beauty of isolation — part 3 Den at it again..
  10. Tilted resource? Hunting for the oil
  11. Resource/reserves
  12. Resource/reserves

Some comments from us:

  • Post 1 and 2 are about what has been officially published about a deal with a large Chinese Oil company (CNOOC)
  • Post 3 is about what isn’t officially known but came out through a letter of a government official (We posted it before, The mother of all rumors)
  • Post 4,5,6 are about some implications of that
  • Post 7 and 8 are about other foreign interest in PNG gas resources (albeit in the other, Exxon/OilSearch project)
  • Post 9 is another instant classic from our own Burt Bacherach containing, amongst others, that the shorts are not only shorting IOC but “shorting China”
  • Post 10 is our excellent in-house engineer again going over the IOC publications and, as he calls them, ‘cartoons’, in order to tease out more useful info
  • Post 11 and 12 are clarifying the difference of resources and reserves, a distinction that some try to exploit for dubious purposes (see the line of discussion of post 11)