InterOil is gaining traction

Slowly but surely, the company will be discovered..

Here from a pretty well known newsletter by Louis Navallier

The Energy Sector is Hot – InterOil Soars 60% in Two Months; Why Baytex Will Be Next
By Louis Navellier

As my 5 Hot Stocks in Ice-Cold Sectors proves, you can’t always judge a stock based on the sector or region it does business. Such is the case with one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street right now, my #1 energy pick, InterOil (IOC). This is an Australian-based company that’s developing an energy business in, of all places, Papua New Guinea.

Don’t laugh: InterOil is quickly becoming the Susan Boyle of Wall Street, the overnight singing sensation from Britain’s Got Talent. Sure, the stock looks a little dowdy right now, but it’s about to become a lot more famous. Consider that in just six weeks since I first recommend IOC to my Emerging Growth newsletter subscribers, the stock is up an astounding 64%!

The company’s exploration program could become a major source of earnings. The refining business is already doing well. In addition to operating a 32,500 barrel-per-day refinery and retail assets, InterOil has begun an extensive exploration program on its eight million-acre site. The company is gearing up for a big future. It recently got its listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

I also like InterOil because it plays right into my “re-inflation” theme I see for 2009. Uncle Sam has been spending money like crazy, and that means inflation is on the way. Mark my words: The dollar will fall, interest rates will rise, and investors will seek comfort in commodities like oil and natural gas. Every investor needs to understand this trend.

It’s one of the reasons InterOil is an outstanding buy.

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We can think of quite a few more reasons…

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