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Some stuff from investor meetings, interviews with Wayne Andrews

May 5th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Wayne Andrews is touring the US holding a few investor meetings, we managed to pick up a few points

We managed to get a few of the points discussed, with thanks to people present who brought that to our attention. We’ll start off with the most spectacular:

  1. They expect all the deals done by year-end, and this could very well lead to a $200 stock price
  2. Smaller deals can happen fairly soon
  3. What they’re especially looking for is a farm-in deal, to get much more equipment and simultaneous drilling
  4. Earnings are somewhere next week
  5. We have said it before, and we now get it confirmed, Exxon is not going to buy InterOil (at least, up until now, this doesn’t seem to be a realistic option)
  6. Like we tentatively put out in a rumor, oil did indeed flow to the surface, without stimulation, but the jury is still out whether it’s a commercial find. News could still take a week or two
  7. Most of the shorts seem to be the convertible holders.

We think this should be enough meat to explain the meat on the recent stock price.

We might have a bit more later.

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  • 1 JoEllen // May 5, 2009 at 12:42 am

    Sincere thanks! Your work in behalf of shareholders is most appreciated!

  • 2 roberto // May 5, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    Admin, thanks for the excellent article on Amsterdam — anyone who has lived there, and WE have, knows there are downsides but the ‘quality of life’ is the key (and this quality exists despite all the rain and clouds). Germany is not so bad either (LOL) … go IOC … history of the last 3 years tells me though that without some more news, we will drop back down a few dollars, perhaps to 29 – 31, but this will be short lived and then on up again (of course, on the other hand, some news could come in the next days, or a leak that news is imminent, and then this drop back down to ca. 30 wont happen. Nothing technical about this analysis, simply a gut feeling rooted in following this stock closely for 2.5 years now

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