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  1. The red meat article is just another way to change statistics to try and point a finger at something. Processed/deep fried food I can believe, but red meat by itself………please. If red meat is so inherently dangerous how did the native indians of north america survive for hundreds of years. The same people who completed this study are probably the same ones who promote the pharmaceutical juggernaut as the only way human beings can solve any health problem. Yeesh!

  2. Regarding the pharaceutical article, this quote is unbelievable:

    ““Don’t buy dietary supplements, period,” says Larry Sasich, chair of the department of pharmacy practice at the LECOM School of Pharmacy in Erie, Pa. “They’re not regulated, so you have no idea if what you’re seeing on the label is really what is in the bottle.””

    This is all propoganda designed to get the consumer dependant upon the corporate pharmaceutical empire. Not saying that all supplements are perfect, but how many of these FDA regulated drugs make it to the market because the board was paid off under the table to make it happen.

    When cancer therapy treatments that invoke your immune system are being blocked by the FDA and flakey drugs are being approved that require 10 seconds in a comercial for the “Do Not Take If…” , I have a hard time accepting that the FDA and the drug companies are in this for my best interests.

    It is amazing that the human race has been able to survive for the past 30k years without the pharmacy………..

  3. Sorry for all the comments, but these are some good ones STP and I have a slow day at work 🙂

    I love this quote from the genius article. “As Coyle observes, it’s not who you are, it’s what you do. ” In a perfect world every child would have this repeated starting at a very early age………now that I think about it every person, adult or child should read or say this every day.

    Haha, this is going on my mirror in the washroom when I get home.

  4. We have no problem with your comments, Darcy. Quite the contrary. This series is meant for some informative (and often humorous) distraction.. 🙂

    About that red meat issue, we don’t think it’s “dangerous”, just that modern man (especially in certain countries) eat it in excess which might have certain (rather mild) health consequences (according to some research like this one). Meat used to be a luxury until very recently, and our digestive systems have not evolved all that much from, say, 20,000 years ago perhaps.

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