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Update on some of the stocks we’re following

May 11th, 2009 · No Comments

So far, so good, if not to say excellent..

eFuture (EFUT) We might have been a bit premature advicing to sell it after the rally on the earnings, but that trade made like a $4 (or 61%) profit in a week or so, and the stock was getting ahead of itself (see chart below). It’s always difficult to find the exact top, this is more luck than anything else. We think it could go down a little more, but not a whole lot.

Accumulate on dips if you have the patience (as we don’t think it will immediately shoot up again). This is a growth stock with price action around news and earnings, although volume seems to have picked up a bit structurally now that it emerged that the company hasn’t even been scratched by the recession.

InterOil (IOC). Is holding up strongly today on relatively high volume and against weakness in the sector. This week we will see earnings and possibly new updates on the condensates and/or oil, so any strength is a good sign. We’re in the seventh trading day for the convertibles (IOC can force conversion if the daily volume weighted average price of the Common Shares is at or above $32.50 for 15 consecutive trading days), we’ll keep an eye on that one. Technically it has cooled off a bit, so there is further upside room.

This looks like a fine chart to us..

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