6 thoughts on “InterOil from the boards, May 18”

  1. Rory: From what I heard we should have a very good report.. Condensate levels to increase by 5-10 times original projections.Gas also. As per the oil projections we have to wait and see how much.Oil is present and flows… Should have much more Oil in Antelope 2 and Elk 4 when they redrill the well.Watch for Elk 4 to become a huge production well after redrilling.News soon.

  2. ummm, I am not sure if I am reading you right. I get that condensate increase 5-10 times original projections, but then you say gas also.

    In think Antelope 1 was originally estimated 6-8 Tcf, are you saying 5-10 times that amount of gas?????

    I must be reading you wrong, lol, because even my ridiculously optimistic self finds this a hard number to believe. No sweat either way, this will make for some fun excitement for me while waiting for the press release.

    Thanx for you insight Janine!

  3. JanineTks for your words of encouragement. Sounds like they tested the lower zones for gas just for show or couldn’t help it. Let that condensate flow!

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