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  1. I hate banks sooooo much and yet I am forced to use the bloody things as “underneath the mattress bed” is not a valid option these days. If they weren’t such an integral part of our economy and if all individuals would be guaranteed their money back, I would have been happy enough to see them all go bankrupt. Legalized crooks is what they are…..kinda like telco companies, but I will rant on that another day.

  2. On the topic of “Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?”

    I was intrigued by this statement “As a result, it is impossible to know with confidence whether exercise prevents heart disease or whether people who are less likely to get heart disease are also more likely to be exercising.”

    I lead a fairly active exercise regime, olympic weightlifting 3 times a week combined with hockey and the bike 2-3 times a week. So when I first read the title I was thinking “oh please!” But when I consider that I also do a lot of personal research into other health factors such as my immune system, vitamins, not smoking and consuming lots of vegetables perhaps it isn’t the exercise, but my overall perception of longevity that keeps me healthy.

    In any event, articles like these can be very dangerous as it gives some individuals the opportunity to interpret exercise as not necessary. And while I don’t think you have to be a world class athlete, I believe that some form of exercise is absolutely essential.

  3. Darcy, the evidence that exercise improves your mood is still pretty strong 🙂
    And keep up these vegetables (we do too), last time we had a link to an article about the disadvantages of eating too much red meat..

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